Please tell me the solution of this program.

/* Count the number of cats
Write a code that counts the number of cats created (count) and then displays it on the screen.

public class Solution
    public static void main(String[] args)
        Cat cat1 = new Cat();
        //add your code here

        Cat cat2 = new Cat();
        //add your code here

        System.out.println("Cats count is " + Cat.count);
    public static class Cat
        public static int count = 0;

asked 14 Mar '15, 04:51

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Elleonora Carry ♦♦

you will have to call the class constructor of cat . by this you can get the count value .


answered 17 Mar '15, 14:41

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Muhammad Has...
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You must write your solution and people help you. Print ready solutions is prohibited the forum rules.


answered 14 Mar '15, 06:17

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actually the solution is rather simple. what worked for me is that I incremented the count after each new cat.


answered 15 Mar, 10:45

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