There are always some good and bad changes in the MapleStory, such as Nebulites and Bonus Potential systems, we think that Nexon wish to bring us a better MapleStory 2 Mesos, but sometimes what they did is contrary to what they wish.

With the debut of Hard Lotus, Hard Damien, and Hard Lucid Flames of Rebirth is currently growing more and more realistic on account of the fact there's a lack of accessibility of systems such as Bonus and Nebulites Possible. In case you haven't caught on by now both of these systems still has a wall which blocks the ordinary player.

Flames of Rebirth can be and a whole lot more available than Nebulites, Bonus Potential and Flames. Most of it has been disabled although in fact, Flames of Rebirth has been present. You will find tons of gear in Luna which proves further that GMS technically can have Flames if Nexon America chose to.

Assume an end-game player does have Bonus Possible and their Nebulites. Just how many of these can team up together and combat the top 3 bosses? I'd say it's a minimal chance, it unrealistic for the average player. Players have suggested revamps to systems such as getting access but that has not occurred despite the fact threads were produced within the past couple of decades.

In addition, I doubt that GMS will lower the current end-game bosses' HP, or apply the above tips. Proof is within the Kanna nerf. They would rather copy-paste instead of solving the issue altogether as a region from a different area. Since there are no changes to Hard Lotus, Hard Damien, and Hard Lucid from some other servers apart from KMS which Official MapleStory 2 Wiki makes it easier we have till KMS affects it. What's more unfortunate is that their Bonus Possible is more accessible because of having a far more stable economy compared to GMS.

Some form of change needs to be made for certain in the degree that is end-game.

asked 21 Sep '18, 23:24

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